Indirect Air to Water Heat Recovery Unit

High-performance industrial heat recovery unit for optimizing energy usage.



Indirect air to water heat recovery and condensate collection from humid air stream


Up to 200,000cfm

Inlet Temperature:
Up to 220
Energy Recovered:
Application Dependent


Unit is custom built using customer specifications such as: mass flow of air at inlet, humidity ratio at inlet, and desired outlet temperature


Hot air enters the bottom section and flows upwards through the air to water heat exchanger, where the water inside the exchanger flows in a counter flow serpentine pattern. The air is cooled and moisture condenses out. Droplets approaching the outlet are separated from the airstream with the eliminator blade section. Intermittent cleaning showers help keep the heat exchanger clean.

Larger sizes are available upon request.
3D model files and installation drawings are available upon order. See data sheet for ordering details.